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30 Years Plus Experience - Former Singer Repairman (1972-1982) at your service :)

Welcome to Terry's TNT Repair new web pages. At TNT Repair...we are Bully on older Vintage Singers. Catering to, and offering repair help, and parts, for Singer Sewing Machine Models 600 & 700 Touch & Sews, Stylist 400, 500 & 800 Series (includes Archer & Brother Bicor VX1005), Fashion Mates 200, 300 Series. Plus the Classic Slant-O-Matics 401, 403, 404, 500 and 503. The 500A, and 503, are also referenced as the Rocketeers Series due to their 50's design of the Rocketeer Jet Pack from the 50's TV show.

Please visit my Original Site for Service and Repair guides, or manuals that may not be listed here just yet. Link provided to the left, TNT Repair Original Site. Repair information like, how to time my machine, or install gears on my Singer. Factory service guides for Futura 900/920, Athena, Stylist, and repair tips for Genie 353 354, and other models.

The Site Map shows all products available; no pictures just a description. Still a work in progress, but you will find anything left out on the original site. Hope you enjoy the visit and new “mobile” friendly look for all the Mobile Visitors.

Please note: orders placed from these pages, or the original site, all utilize the same shopping cart, you may order from either site. And to note, Terry's TNT Repair is an Authorized Brother Repair Center for American Samoa. Thanks again for visiting Terry's TNT Repair - Terry

Terry's TNT Repair Time - Located in American Samoa

Covid-19 Update: 3/27/20 Flights to our Island have been suspended for 30 days; however our Friday Cargo Flight remains. Parts Orders will be delayed in shipping until Friday's. I will be updating the site to allow download orders only and suspend all parts orders shortly. Everyone do please stay safe and practice the social distance and work from home if you can. I am now having to work from home myself. Our Governor has asked that all Seniors over 60 work from home, and I have been instructed by my Boss to do so as well. Thanks Gang New Page 1 New Page 1

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Japanese Belt Kit Announcement - I hope to offer, perhaps before year end, timing belt kits for the obsolete, discontinued Singer kits for the machines that were made in Japan. Belt kit 541207 was discontinued, but I do hope to revive it for models that I know of: 610U 615U 650U 680U 690U 698U, keep an eye out if you are needing one of these kits. 

Japanese Belt Kit Update: 1/26/20 Unfortunately  a work still in progress at the moment :(