Singer 750 Series Factory Manual

Singer 750 Series Factory Manual
Item# SM750

Product Description

Factory Service & Adjustment Manual for the 750 Series T&S 750 - 755 - 770 - 775 - 758 - 778 - 756 - 776* - 774 - 724 And others, inquire about your model. Applies to US Made models only. Item is Download Only, no hard copy will be sent. *Denotes the bobbin winder system is different in the model. The 776 uses an Apollo Bobbin Case system and not a T&S type system with auto wind feature in the machine.

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Exciting Announcement - I hope to offer, perhaps before year end, timing belt kits for the obsolete, discontinued Singer kits for the machines that were made in Japan. Belt kit 541207 was discontinued, but I do hope to revive it for models that I know of: 610U 615U 650U 680U 690U 698U, keep an eye out if you are needing one of these kits. Update: should be available in about 3 weeks - 12/25/18